A1 - Good Kharma Girl
A2 - Nightshade Glassworks
A3 - Imperfect Produce
A4 - All Good from the Woods
A5 - Chakra Universe
A6 - Soulstice
A7 - Man from the Stars
A8 - Holos Amulets
A10 - World Threads Collective
A11 - Canyon Crystals
A12 - Healing Accents
A13 - Sacred
A14 - Eternal Glyphics
A16 - Body Energy Love
A17 - Bodhi Gems
A18 - Warrior Within
B1 - Violin Sound Healing
B2 - Ensele
B3 - Indian Vedic Oracle
B4 - DEN Meditation
B5 - Golden Path Holistic
B7 - The David Lynch Foundation
B9 - Schizandu Organics
B11 - LA Holistic Dentistry
B12 - Love Peace Harmony
B13 - Elements by Susan
B14 - Kameena Speaks
B15 - Eve Spirit Speaks
B16 - The Monastery
B17 - Ignite Your Joy
C1 - California State Parks
C2 - Tree People
C3 - Heal the Bay
C4 - Whole Life Times
C5 - Ocean Conservancy
C6 - Sea Shepherd
C7 - Yoga Works
C8 - Mind Body Muse
C9 - Moringa Light Energy
C10 - Aztlan Athletics
C11 - Awareness Magazine
D1 - Laura Eisenhower
D2 - Julie James
D3 - Mas Sajady
D4 - Byron Lindley - Essential Oils
D5 - Meg Benidicte
D6 - Stanley Stephen Huntsman / Amanda Sage new collection
D7 - Dr. Jubb
D8 - DisclosureFest Community
D9 - Debra Aspera
AN1 - Share International USA
AN2 - Relax Saunas of Momentum
AN3 - Luchia Light Activations
AN4 - Robert Bingham Observation Deck
Sage Vegan Bistro
Love You A Latte

Full Bloom Organic Juice on Wheels
Gourmet Genie
Divine Dips Vegan Ice Cream
Italian Brain Freeze
Green Truck
Sunderllas Italian Ice
DogTown Dogs

Amanda Sage | dr. NEMO | Cameron Gray | Rita Lux | Eoin "Eon" Colgan

Disclosure Fest and California State Parks Present THE MASS MEDITATION INITIATIVESaturday June 17, 2017
Los Angeles State Historic Park - view map
FREE event open to the public
Gates open at 10am PDT / United Global Mass Meditation at 2pm PDT

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