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The Feed Our Souls Initiative

Plant-based kitchen and workshop events to raise awareness for the homeless population in Los Angeles

The Feed Our Souls Initiative

The Feed Our Souls Initiative

The Feed Our Souls Initiative is a plant-based kitchen and workshop event which brings together conscious volunteers and organizations to provide free vegan food, showers, clothes, counseling and meditation to help with life-saving resources, and to raise awareness to the vulnerable houseless population in Los Angeles. At a time when we are separated, DisclosureFest™ Foundation feels called to be of service and continue to reach out to our community.

Shocking Fact: Over 66,000 people are experiencing homelessness in LA! Unfortunately, these souls living on the streets are generally malnourished, suffering from a lack of proper hygiene, and battling cold weather in the winter months...

The Feed Our Souls Initiative is providing free vegan meals and care packages with hygiene kits, blankets, and warm socks to this vulnerable homeless population in Los Angeles on 1/23/2021! You can click the upcoming event date below to learn more and discover how you can participate! 

Please consider offering a charitable donation. Make a donationYour support will help improve the lives of those in desperate need! 

By contributing in this way, we are nourishing our collective spirit and making this community a better place for us ALL!

Yes, I want to help my community in need!