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Leela Quantum Tech

LeelaQ Tech is leading the way in natural health innovation, combining science and quantum energy healing into an elegant and simple-to-use collection of products optimized for everyday use.

Anu Alchemy LLC

Energetic Medicines to facilitate expansion of Gifts of Consciousness. 10% off on purchases by following this link.

Anu Alchemy Energetic Products are of Love Frequencies Inn a Bottle!

Forager Project

At Forager Project we make plant-based organic products that taste exceptional and are kind to our planet. Our family of foods include traditionally cultured plant-based yogurts, nut milks, kefirs, cheeses, frozen desserts, smoothies, and grain-free cereals. Thoughtfully crafted from simple ingredients, our food is always minimally processed and borne from the earth.  We are always organic and plant-based because food choices matter. Come Forage with Us.

Arts and Crafts

Moseley Art

Fine Art prints and the Spirit Cards Oracle Deck featuring the art of John Moseley

Shaman Spears

Uniquely hand crafted energy channeling devices.

Every Shaman Spear is uniquely hand crafted for the use of channeling energy. No two are ever made the same. All spears are filled with crystal chips, magnets, and sand collected by the creator from sacred sites around the world. Every Shaman Spear is charged and added to an energy collective via the Quantum Touch quantum entanglement method. This means that every healer who owns a spear charges the whole collective and the more spears are made, the stronger the collective becomes. Apolla, the artist/creator charges and adds each spear to the collective with her personal obelisk spear carved out of the Valley of the Kings from Egypt. All fur and leather is faux.


Blue Lotus Yogawear

Locally manufactured,performance fit organic cotton yoga clothing for women and men.


Handmade high frequency wear for tribe gatherings, ceremony, yogic practice and simple life comfort. 

Kathmandu Boutique

Spiritual, unique, handmade, one of a kind, eco friendly, beautiful clothing, wall hangings, staues, oils, jewelries, mask 

We recycle, reuse and repurpose as much as possible, Zero Trash community gatherings are one of our highlights, we don't give any plastics or paper bags instead we ask or encourage our customers to use reusables, or we make shopping bags out old t-shirts instead of throwing them out.  We collect all our merchandise from small manufacture, faire trade, woman's cottage industries from mostly from my home country Nepal, Tibet and India for past 16 years, we hand picked everyhting for very resonable prices, quality merchandise, female owned.




NEOCLASSICS is a Los Angeles based apparel brand featuring unique, balanced, hand drawn graphics inspired by classic art, sacred symbology and conscious living. 

NEOCLASSICS is a Los Angeles based brand featuring original message driven artworks, cultivating conscious minds. Unique, balanced, hand drawn graphics inspired by classic art, sacred symbology and mindful living. In a world where media smothers our every thought with stereotypes and ideals, we urge you to maintain individuality. We design for seekers, celebrate free thinkers and empower conscious minds.

Made ethically and locally in Los Angeles, CA.


PIYOGA is a sustainable boutique line of lounge & yoga apparel for women, men, kids & babies that donates 10% of net profits to sea turtle conservation efforts around the world.

PIYOGA Pants are designed and shipped from San Diego, California within 24 hours. Use code DISCLOSURE10 to save 10% off today. Discount code valid one use per customer until 12/31/2021

Starseed Squad by 3satva

STARSEED SQUAD created by 3SATVA, brings to life futuristic superheroine space girls who are ready to embrace the next dimension and unleash their starseed potential!

The Minds Eye Way

Custom crafted active lifestyle clothing handmade to enhance your trip.

Food and Beverage

Lundberg Family Farms

We offer rice products, from dried rice to rice snacks, from seed to smle.

Gems / Minerals / Singing Bowls

Ancient Chinese Remedies

It is our mission and passion in life to bring you natural remedies and tools to help you on your journey of meditation and self-growth.

Rock Paradise LLC

Rock Paradise your source far natural stone products. We travel the world, working directly with articians and mines. We offer an array of items from petite jewelry pieces to large one of a kind specimens!

Healing and Body Work

The SongKeeper School

Do you feel called to Sing?

Do you know that your voice can make a difference in this world?

Our voice is the seat of creation. It is the bridge between our past and our future. To be fully self expressed, is to transform the burdens of our history and allow the song of the universe to sing through us. Full health, alignment & Joy are available to us through working with the voice.

The Songkeeper school is a vocal mystery school, in which we use alchemical sound practices for the healing & alignment of ourselves and our world.

Experience Vocal Coaching, Sacred Singing, Earth Honoring, & Ritual - for healing, renewal and Life Purpose Activation - private sessions & group work available.


Sacred Geometry Pendants and Miron VioletFlame Glassware

We offer exquisitely beautiful energetically charged Sacred Geometry Pendants that are handmade by a loving family in India.  We also have Miron VioletFlame Glass containers that keeps your herbs, supplements, and superfoods fresher longer and helps to raise their energetic potency.


Handcrafted jewelry made with consciously mined gemstones crystals & fossils.


The Aetherius Society

The Aetherius Society, a 501 (c)(3), is a non-denominational international Spiritual Brotherhood - dedicated to help raise consciousness, uplift humanity and the world through global healing and spreading the teachings of advanced Masters from beyond Earth. Yoga Master Dr. George King, a UFO contactee from the 1950s, founded the organization in England in 1955.



Luxury Coaching Services that teach people how to bring full presence with gravitas, magnetism and energetic principles through physical matter to bring massive results and create a legacy.

"Luxury, high end coaching designed with you in mind to deliver maximum value with a touch of excellence.  Because it shouldn't have to be hard and it doesn't have to be uncomfortable to achieve what you were born to do. Become more enlightened, impactful and inspired. Live and breathe your legacy all while creating the empire(s) that will carry your name forward.


Irresistible, irreplaceable and impactful ~ that's what you are.  A purpose driven creator of worlds that knows no bounds ~ that's who you are.  A charismatic, natural achiever with easeful results that works in synergy with the environment ~ that's why you are here.


Utilize key techniques like MAP Formula to operate with gravitas, magnetism and live the dynamic life that you're meant to.  The universe needs your unique vision and the time is, NOW."


Evol Fenby is a recognized facilitator, speaker and corporate trainer known for her work in sound vibration and frequency attunement. Her techniques and practices have built companies, inspired movements and created a legacy. 

Wellness Products

HOLOS Amulets

HOLOS Amulets are beautiful wearable art jewelry and sculptures enhance our feelings of Love, Peace, and Unity.



  • HOLOS Amulets are created using sacred geometry and the latest technology of 3D printing.
  • Their intent is to protect, connect, and enhance our feelings of Love, Peace, and Unity.
  • They symbolize our One Humanity. 
  • This rejuvenating spiraling torus geometric design represents our energetic field and it models the creative pattern in the Universe. 
  • The 9 spirals are a numeric archetype for universal love, humanitarianism, generosity, and perfection. 
  • HOLOS in ancient Greek language means whole and complete, safe and sound, and pertaining to the Universe. Our True Nature, our essence is whole and complete.
  • HOLOS Amulets as beautiful wearable art jewelry and HOLOS sculptures deliver this intention and enhance wherever they are placed.  
  • Made in the USA and are unconditionally guaranteed in quality and workmanship FOR LIFE.            To learn more about HOLOS, please visit: HOLOSAmulets.com


In small batches we craft premium wellness shots made with functional mushrooms, live probiotics, and 100% organic ingredients.

tamra biz card

Ayurvedic copper water bottles and accessories hand crafted in India.

Tamra's motto is 

feed the body, nourish the spirit

Vibrant Soul Wellness

Unique Handcrafted Orgone Generators and Gemstone Jewelry.
Orgone Pyramids, Orgone Disks, Orgone Jewelry, Orgonite, Gemstones. Our items are designed and created with love!