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Cheri Rae

Hatha Yoga

Cheri Rae

Hatha Yoga

Yoga is Love | Heart of Yoga

“I see a world of 7 billion humans evolving and remembering that we belong to each other.”

Cheri Rae Russell fell in love with yoga in 1987 and has been sharing this joy ever since. Though her practice is rooted in traditional ashtanga/hatha yoga, her humor makes yoga accessible to everyone! You will be inspired and entertained by this passionate, magical experience. She will remind you that you are me – I am you – we are one. We must re-marry ourselves everyday.

You can find Cheri Rae at Peace Yoga Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, where through the discipline of yoga, a community of people have discovered that:

yoga is the science of peace

we must go inside

we must slow down

yoga = self-love

self-love = inner peace

inner peace = global peace