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Erica Middlemiss

Erica Middlemiss

Dr. Erica Middlemiss is an intuitve empath with almost 20 years of practice as a Naturpathic Physician and 10 years as a QHHT practitioner. She has been immersed in philosophy, spirituality, and metaphysical explorations since the late '90s and has always had a strong passion to understand the Universe, both within us and around us.

Through her practice and research, she has found that we are beings with access to infinite power and that we are all able to bring greater health, balance and prosperity into our reality. When we connect and listen to our higher self, we obtain all the answers we need to become true co-creators of our life.

Erica's mission is to help empower others through gaining greater knowledge of their energy anatomy and multi-dimensional gifts, while also developing a more profound connection to their intuition. Through this personal evolution, one can come into greater alignment with their true path and purpose.

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