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The Biomat Mini has the beneficial effects of far infrared and negative ion therapy in a compact mat, embedded with amethyst and tourmaline crystals.

With its portable design, the FDA approved Biomat Mini gives you relief on the go... from minor muscle pain, reduced stress, joint pain associated with arthritis, minor spasms and strains, decreased inflammation, increased circulation, and improved sleep.

Experience the wonderful effects of deep penetrating far-infrared heat and negative ion technology in a compact and portable form. In addition to the combination of amethyst and tourmaline crystals, It also has the “TOCA” Layer, just like the Biomat Professional. With the Biomat Mini, you enjoy unlimited access to proven health and relaxation benefits. The Biomat Mini includes an amethyst Biomat Mini, hard-shell travel case, Biomat controller, and cotton pad.

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The Mini Biomat is free of charge to the winner, with product cost being covered by the Disclosurefest Foundation. Customer is responsible for covering the shipping fee of $40.00 USD if shipped within Canada or the United States. Shipping outside the United States and Canada may have a higher shipping cost.

Any winner outside the United States is responsible for any applicable duty or VAT that their country may apply. Applicable charges will be based on the purchase price of contest items paid for by Disclosurefest Foundation.