DisclosureFest™  and the full disclosure project presents

The Mass Meditation Initiative

In Washington, D.C at the Lincoln Memorial

Sunday 11/11/2018

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2018 Event Info

A mindful yoga, music, healing arts and vegan festival in the central hub of downtown Los Angeles that brings our global community together via a live stream group meditation

2018 Event Info & Highlights

Current Events

The mass meditation initiative

Sunday November 11, 2018 | FREE event open to the public
Starts at 10am EST / Global Mass Meditation at 2pm EST

The Lincoln Memorial Steps and JFK Hockey Field2 Lincoln Memorial Circle NW Washington DC 20037

Let’s come together and honor our veterans and raise the vibration of humanity and bring forth higher consciousness on planet earth together!
All ages of family and friends are welcome during a day of mind opening;

  • Guided Meditations
  • Press Conference
  • Special Guest Speakers
  • Live Music
  • Sound Baths
  • Light Activations
  • Healing Tents
  • Vinyasa Flow Yoga
  • Kundalini Yoga
  • Tai Chi
  • Qi Gong
  • Light Language
  • Essential Oils
  • Traditional Herbalism
  • Apothecary Science
  • Ayurveda
  • Past Life Regressions
  • Astrology
  • Art Walk
  • Plant-Based Foods Talks
  • Children’s area
  • Full special guest line up coming soon!

If you are an informational vendor or part of a foundation or cause and would like to have a booth at our event sign up here.

From there you can jump on the RED LINE bus route to LINCOLN MEMORIAL CIRCLE SW, BUS STOP # 1003858. You will see our main stage on the Lincoln Memorial steps in front of the reflection pond and our workshop spaces in the JFK Hockey Field near the Korean War Veterans Memorial.

Mass Meditation

The Mass Meditation Initiative

DATE: June 22nd, 2019
LOCATION: Los Angeles, CA

A free annual conscious mass meditation, yoga, music and arts festival in Los Angeles, brings the community together with a global live stream mass meditation. This is a day filled with speakers, workshops, yoga, influential art, healing tents and vegan food to help promote a healthy lifestyle and live a pure enlightened life path.

Tickets available March 11th 2019

Feed our souls

The Feed Our Souls Initiative

Monthly event

A plant-based kitchen and workshop event to help the homeless in our local cities. We will be working to bring together conscious volunteers and organizations to provide free vegan food, showers, clothes, counseling, meditations and workshops to help raise awareness to our homeless population here in Los Angeles.

Clean Air

The Clean Air Initiative

Monthly Event

Our ongoing tree planting and forest restorations volunteer events with our proud partner TreePeople. We help plant native trees, water and preserve their environment by removing invasive species and clearing debris in our surrounding cities and mountains to help ensure their survival. Our volunteer events help create cleaner air, waterways and a safe healthy habitat for our wildlife!

Beach Cleanup

The Beach Cleanup Initiative

Monthly Event

Join our volunteer events in Southern California to help pick up thousands of pounds of trash every year keeping our beaches clean and improving conditions for marine life!


About the DisclosureFest™ Foundation

We are an initiative and community based nonprofit platform that unites like-minded people in an effort to raise consciousness, education on health and wellness and to create awareness of global environmental and humanitarian initiatives with volunteer based programs.

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DisclosureFest Foundation is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.
DisclosureFest Foundation Tax ID #82-1470614.​

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More DisclosureFest Initiatives

The Feed Our Souls Initiative

The Feed Our Souls Initiative

Plant-based kitchen and workshop events to raise awareness for the homeless population in Los Angeles​

The Clean Air Initiative

Tree plantings and forest restoration to help clean our air, create waterways and a safe healthy habitat for our wildlife​

The Beach Cleanup Initiative

Improving conditions along our coastline and marine life collecting thousands of lbs of trash per year​

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DisclosureFest Foundation is a California 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Corporation.
DisclosureFest Foundation Tax ID #82-1470614.
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