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Gabriel Logan Braun

Gabriel Logan Braun

At 16 years old I went through one of the darkest times in my life. Disillusioned with the world and life as I knew it, I dropped out of school (and eventually went back) and gave up my dream to be a professional basketball player.

At 17, I walked into my first yoga class and during savasana (resting pose), Govindas and Radha Rosen’s music took me on a transcending and mystical journey of sound vibration. That’s when I realized that we are human instruments. Like any instrument, we too need regular tuning for all of our parts to function as a resonant whole.

At 18, I traveled to Guatemala and Peru on my own to do volunteer work. This total immersion into a new way of life popped the “American bubble”, forever changing my perspective on life. I experienced people with so little material wealth having so much richness inside.

A few years later, I met Olaf Hartmann, who through his involvement in movement, meditation and breathwork, helped me to experience my body as an instrument of healing. It was with him that I began to assist his guided breath work and sound healing journeys and was introduced to crystal bowls and the didgeridoo.

I then dived into the world of Kirtan and devotional music, studying bhakti yoga and classical Indian music with Sheela Bringi, Govindas Rosen and Saul David Raye, the yoga of guitar with Josh Brill, and shakuhachi and bansuri flute with Eric Vaughn.

At 26, Jesse Hanson and I started co-leading, Sonic Sanctuary sound healing events in Los Angeles and recorded our first album. Jesse has been an instrumental force in my life and career. Soon after, Elijah Ray Lenhart took me on as a student of music and sound healing. It humbles me that as his career is taking off and his time is greatly limited, he continues to make the space to take me on as his student.

With the assistance of Syndee Stein and the teachings of Dance Alive, I realized that I no longer believe that I have to leave where I am to “find myself”. I continue to create movement and change in my life and more stability to stand my ground.

I offer sound healing and sacred world music events at venues in the greater Los Angeles area and beyond. I also have been working as a life coach and sound therapist at rehab centers over the last 6 years and offer private sessions.

I also give thanks to my parents, Renee Schwartz and Michael Braun, Rich Kai Karou, Cass Phelps, Jan Berlin, Yogi David Shardon, Shimshai, Bobby McFerrin, Deepak Ramapriyan, Mandaza, Riz Mirza and Chief Red Eagle and Dreamingbear Kanaan.