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NiLoO & A Tribe Called Love

NiLoO & A Tribe Called Love

NiLoO is a professional singer, songwriter, actor, comic, and author born in Iran, and now living in Los Angeles. 

Her current creative projects include the musical collective “NiLoO & A Tribe Called Love”, as well as “DiViNE ABSURDiTY”, which were both founded with her partner Marc Korgie – aka DJ Sir Fix-A-Lot; in addition to the touring international cover band 26 Orchestra.  She has recorded and performed live vocals with Persian recording artists such as Ebi, Mansour, Andy, Farshid Amin, Leila Forouhar, Moein and many others. NiLoO has released music with independent artists “In Fades” and “ParUhDroyd” and collaborates and performs live improvised vocals with numerous producer/DJs in the underground scene – namely “King Felix”, “LiquorBox” and “Lou E. Bagels”.

Her debut published memoirs, “Love Came & Went: memoirs of a Persian Psychonaut and Love Addict” was released as an E-Book on October 14th, 2020.

While she is not busy creating music, or taking care of foster animals, NiLOO produces her monthly weed friendly Comedy show “That’s Funny Niloo”.  Check out “That’s Funny, Niloo!” on Eventbrite for current show info.

NiLoO is also a very passionate Animal Rights Activist and proponent of a plant-based vegan lifestyle for ethical, humanitarian, environmental and health benefits and can be found donating her time and talents to non-profit organizations such as DisclosureFest Foundation, Our Planet Theirs Too, National Animal Rights Day and World Healer. 

NiLoO encourages you too, to be of service to your community; and believes that Acts of Service are the best medicine for depression and anxiety. 

You can follow her on FB and IG

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