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Aaron Gannon

Aaron Gannon

Aaron Gannon is the originator of Golden Breathwork, a Qigong instructor and a Sound & Color practitioner based in Taos/Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He is dedicated to discovering the Light, Love and Power within and beyond, through the sacred sciences of qi, breath, sound, color, and movement...and Be-ing.

The practice of combining 'Loving Awareness' and breathing with ‘just one percent more softness’ in the body temple is his favorite doorway to self-healing and self-realization.

Aaron sees private clients online from around the world and at his office in Santa Fe, NM. He has facilitated workshops, facilitator trainings, retreats and megalithic journeys; over the past four years, breathwork facilitation for Gregg Braden's Pure Human Breakthrough retreats.

Aaron enjoys spending time with his WONDERful nieces, soaking in hotsprings and playing/singing with his monochords.

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