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Ishita Bhama

Ishita Bhama

Ishita Bhama is a guide for people to access deep healing and develop their intuitive abilities.

She is a Psychic, Medium, and Energy Healer who is an intuitive channel for divine information.  She reads auras, past lives, relationships, connects with spirit guides & loved ones who have passed, sees your next steps in life, can work with your soul contracts, and help you come back into your power and certainty.

She was born a gifted clairvoyant and has loved teaching people tools to connect deeply with their intuition and heal their lives. Ishita continues to help thousands of people through her readings, classes, private coaching, and teachings.

She is grateful to be able to be of service to so many and constantly finds that her work with spirit surprises her and her clients in the most beautiful of ways.

You can find out more about Ishita by following her on:

Instagram @clairvoyanthealerishita

TikTok Clairvoyant Healer Ishita

X @IshitaBhama

Facebook: Clairvoyant Healer Ishita

YouTube: Clairvoyant Healer Ishita

You can find her upcoming events and more about her on her website: www.clairvoyanthealerishita.com

Check her and her magical workshops on YouTube when you search Clairvoyant Healer Ishita

You can also listen to her insightful & beautiful podcast: Soul Healer on Spotify and all podcast streaming services.

Listen to Soul Healer here

She will also be releasing her new show “Your Divine Intuition” on 11/11/23 through the Soul Search TV Channel on Apple TV, Roku TV, Amazon, and Android TV. Check out the trailer here.

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