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James Uqualla

James Uqualla


History - a former tribal chief, sub-chief of the havasupai tribe, a tribal council member, grandson of a traditional medicine man, apprentice to earthwalk teachings, student of tribal arts, trained in sacred oratory.

Uqualla - Uj Gwala (eyes with a spark of light), a member of the Havasupai Tribe (translates to "people of the blue-green waters, a spiritual visionary, born into the art of spiritual oratory. guided and mentored by elders from childhood to the sacred ancestoral ways,  traveling to many ceremonies in his adolescents in the watch of elders, a carrier of spiritual knowledge, and earthwalk apprentice.  Taught the indigenous arts of, beadiwork, leather work, silversmithing, pottery, regalia designs, and basket weaving.  Active in the songs and dances of the havasupai tribe.

Present- an internationally renowned diplomate of spirituality, motivational speaker, ordained minister, spiritual ceremonalist,, workshop facilitator, spiritual image designer, spiritual advisor, spiritual consultant, cultural lecturer. a spiritual peacekeeper of sacred lands.

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