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The Antarean Heart

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The Antarean Heart

Praying Mantis Collective


Toni Ghazi, also known as ‘The Antarean-Heart,’ is a Channel & Spiritual Guide working through the Praying- Mantis Collective and specifically the Antares-Stargate to bring through many different Inter-Dimensional and Extraterrestrial Beings.  

He brings messages of UN-conditional LOVE and INTEGRATION to help guide humanity back to its TRUE-SELF and essence by ACTIVATING a remembrance of WHO WE ARE and creating a life of alignment. Journeying with him, you will learn ways to RE-STRUCTURE your belief system from limitation to limit-LESS EXPANSION. And you will hear messages that help UPLIFT HUMANITY and assist individuals in living a life FILLED with PASSION, EXCITEMENT, LOVE & MAGIC.  

Some of the Beings and Ideas that Toni has channeled are: Praying-Mantis, Arcturian Council of Light, Taygetans, Grey Aliens, Angels, Ganesh, Mother-Gaia, Seven-Sisters of Pleiades, Magic Leprechauns, Dream Weavers, Sacred Geometry & Angles, Collective Light Particles, Future Self named Osman, Silence & Void, Sound, Infinity, Shadow & The Dark, and the list goes on.  

For more information Toni’s awaking journey, please visit https://tonighazi.com


Nicolette is a sound alchemist, QHHT practitioner, and cosmic channel.  She has a close connection with the Hybridization Program and channels a Mantis Caretaker named Anya, as well as many of the Hybrid Children.  

After a near death experience in 2019, Nicolette’s whole perception of reality shifted as her gifts and remembrance activated in unimaginable ways. Using sound, frequency, and meditation to heal her body, she realized she wanted to help others heal in the same way. In addition to sound healing, Nicolette enjoys bringing through messages from her hybrid son, Tommy, who loves to share and teach on his own channeled series ‘Tommy and Mommy; a hybrid child’s journey with his mother’. One of her passions is connecting Hybrid Parents (or those interested in the Hybridization Program) with the children, who are excited to both teach and learn from us.

Her Lemurian roots led her back to Hawaii where she resides, working closely with the land, elementals, dragons, whales, dolphins, and so much more. Although she connects with a wide range of light beings and civilizations, she feels a special affinity and closeness with Lemuria and Pleiades. Overall, her channeling and presence activate a remembrance of your most authentic and empowered self.


Whether it’s bringing through channeled messages, decoding messages in our reality or helping others with their own messaging and brand, it’s second nature for Mike to translate energy into meaningful messages. In the realm of extraterrestrials, Mike’s life took a turn in 2020 when he suddenly found himself channeling and connecting to a wide variety of beings. 

Since then, he has embraced the calling and is known for channeling his very colorful & entertaining Sassani counterpart, Maldevin, as well as a Higher-Dimensional Shamanic Guide named Sequoia. Overall, you could call it “Galactic Shamanism”. But no matter what the message, situation or circumstance is, the underlying message of EVERYTHING that Mike does is to loosen up, celebrate & have fun.

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