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Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds

Victoria Reynolds is an Award-Winning International Speaker, Multi Best-Selling Inspirational Author, Awakening and Ascension Specialist and Host/Creator of Fearless and Free TV. She is best known as a Spiritual Luminary, Oracle of Freedom and Angelic Walk-In. As Margaret, she was born into a Fundamentalist, Polygamist Cult, where she experienced all the trauma necessary to grow into her soul's purpose. 

Her mid-life holy shift completely transformed her path and led her to a soul merge with Victoria, Elohim of Freedom. As Victoria, she is committed to the freedom of all life on Earth from the present fear-based reality and creating a New Earth where all of life thrives. In the higher realms, Victoria works with her Council of Light, The Elohim, Mother Earth and Mother/Father Creator bringing through messages for the betterment of humanity and to heal broken hearts. Her individual counseling sessions invoke the higher-selves and guardian team of her clients to remedy the past and see the future. 

Victoria's higher purpose is creating better stories through entertainment. She has a docu-series and travel show in production and a vision for full-feature films.

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